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Bhutan Trip

Journey to shamans and power places

Nepal is a land full of legends, myths, magic and mystery. The confrontation between its millions of gods and goddesses on the one hand and the most powerful demons on the other, at various points gives a meaningful perspective to this magic and mystery.

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition, a way of life. It is a way to connect with nature and live in harmony with nature and all of creation. 

This three weeks journey takes you to places where shamanism is practiced very strong. This trip leads to the remote country side, to power lakes, mountains, rivers and nature without any or few tourists. This journey will provide you an opportunity to experience real shamanism, learning and participating in their daily ceremonies, rituals and healings, Ten days  pilgrimage (trekking) to visit power lake Gosaikund at 4300m high in the Himalaya, enriches us with new energy, cleanses our soul and gives us a deep spiritual experiences. The views on the trail are splendid and the sights of the mountains and the numerous small and big lakes are captivating.

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