Mystic Reisen Nepal Treks Pvt. Ltd.

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Namaste and Welcome to discover the land of mysticism and culturally rich Nepal through the eyes of Mystic Reisen Nepal & Treks. Mystic Reisen Nepal is a registered trekking company incorporated with Govt. of Nepal, Ministry of culture and Tourism. Nepal is the place believed to be a home of Yetis and for devout Hindus and Buddhist followers this is the holy sanctum where their personal deities reside. Some of the great Buddhist Lamas, and Hindu masters meditated in these beautiful mountains of Nepal. People here say, it is a place of Gods.

Nepal is shrouded with mysticism and full of imaginations. Once experienced, you become a part of it. Our company appropriately derives its name Mystic Reisen Nepal from this truly inspiring Sangrila Land. Mystic Reisen Nepal believes in deliverance of a quality service to our valued guests. Our true dedication and hard work is our mantra to make every trip a winner in the world of adventure. With over more than 20 years of experience in this wonderful trade we realized what suits our travelers the best, to make their holiday the best experience of a lifetime. When traveling with Mystic Reisen Nepal we prioritize three important things, safety, hygiene and incredible holiday experience for our clientele.

Regarding the payment to our staff, we believe in paying them very well. After all happy staff generates incredible holiday experience and that contributes to well satisfied clients. . All our staff are fully insured and very well taken care of. Our trips are ideal for a group of friends, family and anyone who wants to book a private trip with us. Our list of different destinations accommodates you with your time frame, keeping in mind; we are ready for any flexibility in the itineraries that we follow.

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